Hypnosis Training

Hypnosis Training :

This is a seven day program located in Leesburg Florida. You will receive the proper training to understand how to work with your clients. There is plenty of practice time going over the many different techniques, You will also receive many handout and workbooks, including DVD training on marketing. Upon completion of class you will be certified by The National Guild of Hypnotists. Cost for the class is $2200.00 does not include housing , or food. Call for more details.

Private Sessions :

I do not charge by the hour,but most sessions are an average of one hour to a couple hours. Sessions are $125.00 per session. Call to discuss your needs.

Stage Hypnosis Shows ​:

Show are around one hour long and can be designed to your event. Price is based on location and time. Call for a quote. You will have a great time.

Stage Hypnosis Training ​:

This is a two day Class. You will learn Basic Hypnosis, How to put a show together, Rapid inductions and how to do a great pre-talk. The different types of venues and how to work with getting volunteers for the best show. You will also get to see many videos of different shows and hypnosis styles and skits. Cost for the class is $895.00, does not include housing, or food. Call for more details.