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Dave has been also training Hypnosis since 2005 to students from all walks of life and all ages as far away as England but as close as Leesburg Fl.. Student become Certified Hypnotist and are Certified with the National Guild Of Hypnotists one of the largest and oldest groups. Dave has also spent many years on the road offering both Hypnosis Stop Smoking and Weight Loss Programs thru the power of the mind. Dave is always adding new knowledge and methods to his tool box. Since his first studies with Jerry Kein at Omni Hypnosis to also being Certified By Mike Mandel In Canada and also soon by Freddy Jacquin  in the UK. We are now offering both sessions and training in person and with Zoom.

About Us
What We Offer


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Hypnosis Training

This is a 100 hour program in Leesburg, Florida or with Zoom where you will receive the proper training to understand how to work with your clients.

  • Basic Hypnosis
  • Advanced Hypnosis
  • Using Convincers
  • Self Hypnosis
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Private Sessions

Most sessions are one to a couple of hours and  can be done in person or with Zoom.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

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Energy Work

Trained in the art of Quantun Touch and EFT, we can assist with methods to aid in many personal issues, through a combination of hypnosis and other methods.

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What Our Clients Are Saying
  • Hi, Dave-

    It has been over a year since I did my training with you for hypnosis. I have had you on my mind multiple times to reach out and say thank you. It has been a wonderful skill to add to my practice and I appreciated the way you moved at my paced.

    If you need any reviews for your website, you are welcome to use this:

    I took the hypnosis certification with Dave and it was wonderful! He was incredibly knowledgeable and willing to share experiences or examples to facilitate my learning. I highly recommend this certification course with him. 

    Hope you are well,

    Dr. Sarah Spencer
  • "I normally do not do things like this. I am writing a recommendation on David Edwards the Hypnotist. I went to Dave to do a session on my past life. Wow what a experience, looks like I was always around sand and water and boats. The old time boats like in the Viking era. I was fit and always around sand and water. David could not go any deeper on me because I could not stop crying. He took me back when I was around 5 or 6 years old when he started the session. Things what happened to me back then is the reason I started to cry and could not stop. Dave called it a cleansing. This session cleared a lot of things up in my mind and subconscious. After about two to three days a major peace came over me. Dave is good on what he does, cannot wait to see him again. He is totally worth doing it. It was quite a experience for me.

    John S.
    Leesburg, Florida

  • Dave Edwards is the real deal. Dave conducted seminars for our company for over 10 years. His connection to people is unmatched and his knowledge and expertise with hypnosis and the healing arts is more than impressive.

    Aside from being a world-class hypnotist, Dave is a wonderful human being, one that I’m proud to call a friend and colleague.

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