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Since 2005, Dave has been training Hypnosis to students from all walks of life and all ages as far away as England but as close as Leesburg, Florida. Students become Certified Hypnotist and are certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists, one of the largest and oldest groups. Dave has spent many years on the road offering both Hypnosis Stop Smoking and Weight Loss Programs thru the power of the mind.

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Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards is a dedicated Certified Hypnotist, and focuses on expanding the benefits of hypnosis by teaching it to others. In addition to the NGH Course Curriculum, he includes all his practice experiences and thousands of hours of investigation and evaluation of new techniques and publications into his courses. 

Dave is a NGH Certified Instructor specializing in areas such as Forensic Hypnosis, Weight Control and Stop Smoking. Dave also travels around the USA doing group smoking and weight loss seminars. He has also completed training in Somatic Healing. Beyond Hypnosis, he also works with energy.

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