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Whether you're interested in becoming a Hypnosis Practitioner or learning for fun and self-improvement, our live training will open doorways for you that you never imagined. In only seven days you will master the skills you need to hypnotize people and lead them through techniques designed to find the cause of their issues and resolve them.

Training is located in Leesburg Fl. a short trip from Sunny Orlando. Bring the family and see the sights while you become a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner!

Maybe you're already a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, but you feel that you need more training and techniques to be truly effective. If you've only taken a distance course, or your training was Eriksonian style and you want tools to help your clients achieve transformation fast; improve your results and take your practice to new levels by participating in this hands-on, state of the art hypnosis training

Your training includes:

Your first year Membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists

Hypnosis textbook

Original Handout Book including scripts for the most common sessions

Business and session forms to set up your practice successfully

In class demonstrations and plenty of break-out sessions

Tried and true techniques as well as state of the art methods

The experience and confidence to facilitate transformation in your clients

Instant and rapid induction training, and plenty of practice

Deepening and testing techniques

Suggestibility testing

Successful construction and use of suggestion

Regression techniques, methods and tools for resolution

Understanding, finding and changing limiting belief systems

Use of waking hypnosis to support results

Free on-going support as you begin your practice

Hypnosis Certification Courses. 100 hours (In classroom plus home study)

Orlando, FL. Area- The Next Class will be a 7 day program plus evening study. . Total cost of training is $1345.00

and a special 2 day class on Stage Hypnosis at $695.00

National Guide of Hypnotists Certification. Tuition includes NGH membership.

Also Leesburg, FL. Ongoing flexible schedule available.

We will soon be offering many different programs .

Basic Hypnosis, Advanced Hypnosis, Stage Hypnosis Basic, and Advanced Stage, Instant and Rapid Inductions, Energy Work with Hypnosis

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