Stage Hypnosis Training

Learn Modern Stage Hypnosis

Stage Hypnosis

Stage Hypnosis Class Offered

2 Full Days $695.00

Email for dates.

  • Learn how to be a Stage Hypnotist
  • Intensify the power of suggestion
  • Deepen the trance state
  • Learn many instant and rapid induction techniques
  • Learn a great Induction that will work on the hardest subjects
  • Find out how to structure a great show
  • Learn how to purchase sound equipment and what not to buy
  • How to use music in your show and what to avoid
  • Learn how to have a pre-talk that works
  • 5 different test to use to find the ideal subjects
  • Marketing ideas that work
  • Learn what to do if things start to go wrong

Plus A Whole Lot More

Tuition includes, a great workbook with over 200 routines to learn, a chance to pick the brain of a full time working Hypnotist and receive as much coached practice time as needed. By combining what Dave has learned over the years from doing and from others you can speed up the learning curve and learn how to create a show of your own.

The total cost of this two day workshop is : $695.00

Lodging and food are extra


Dave Edwards

Stage Hypnosis Certification Courses 2 day course

Orlando, FL. Area - Next Class 2006

This will be a limited class so inquire soon

We will soon be offering many different programs .

Basic Hypnosis, Advanced Hypnosis, Stage Hypnosis Basic, and Advanced Stage, Instant and Rapid Inductions, Energy Work with Hypnosis

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Classes are forming now.

In the Central Florida area.

For information call Dave Edwards -- 352.250.9338

If interested in holding a training class in your area email for information.

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